Phyllis Filiberti Butler
Author / Journalist / Editor


Bay Research is pleased to announce:

The publication of the Valley of Santa Clara—a chronicle of the great houses of historic Santa Clara/Silicon Valley, and the lives and dreams of the pioneers.

[see Kevin Starr's review on the back of the book jacket: "Virtually recapitulates the entire architectural history of CaliforniaButler has given us superb stories to go with architecture...".]


Author Phyllis Butler has updated her landmark book on the fascinating people, the ranchos, towns and historic buildings of the Santa Clara Valley.


Titled "The Valley of Santa Clara-A Guide to the Heart of Silicon Valley," the book records the latest preservation successes and dangers, and includes a new chapter on Silicon Valley Landmarks.


The cover photos are a small sample of the treasures within:

The neo-classical Squire House on Palo Alto’s University Avenue;  Paul Masson Winery’s 14th-Century Monastery (Saratoga);  Mission Santa Clara c.1852 on The Alameda (Sta.Clara);  and Sarah Winchester’s Victorian ‘Mystery House’ (San Jose).


A feature writer for the SF Chronicle & the SJ Mercury among others and a popular speaker, Butler is often asked to talk on Valley architecture and history at book groups, libraries and colleges, due to the appeal of great personalities like Jack London, Fanny Osborne (Mrs.RLS) Stevenson, Henry Miller - the Cattle King, President Herbert Hoover at Stanford, and the romantic Californios featured in this precisely researched book. 


The new chapter on Silicon Valley Landmarks - the Varian’s Lab in Palo Alto, the Hewlett-Packard garage; Dr. Terman’s Lab and the new Science Center at Stanford, as well as the Home Brew Club and Apple’s beginnings - adds more contemporary elements to the book and should attract a whole new audience.



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